About Us

Phoenix India Solutions (PIS) is proud to be a dedicated Instrument & Lab set-up company. Our goals are to provide quality products and services wherever there is a need for instrumentation and use of an instrument in product development.PIS provides a full Commissioning & Materializing service to every company, from equipment supply to managing a full Lab project, recommending the right tools for the job and following this up with a comprehensive, ongoing Installations and services.

Our team has the skills and expertise to make sure you receive the best in quality care and service for any new or existing instrumentation. Our Company will supply not just the instrument itself, but customize it to meet your exact needs.

Having been built upon years of experience in the industry, PIS has chosen to work with reputable companies who have a proven track record in quality and reliability. We have partnered with each of these companies to ensure we can provide our customers with a better range of options and a solution that can meet any budget.

Contact us at birlah@phoenixindiasolution.com for more information.