UV Cabinet
 UV Cabinet

UV Cabinet

UV Cabinet is used for viewing and detecting prepared substance in various laboratories and investigation works


  • The cabinet accommodates two UV sources, each 12” long rating 8 watts.
  • The cabinet has short UV (UV-C or 254nm), & long UV(UV-A or 365nm) sources.
  • For ease of positioning the sample a visible light is provided.
  • Efficient UV reflectors are precisely aligned with the sources to ensure that the maximum possible radiation from the sources reaches the sample.
  • The UV sources are interlocked to prevent simultanueous short & long UV radiations.
  • The front door extends the full width of cabinet to permit larger samples to be placed within the cabinet.
  • The door of the cabinet is hinged. It opens out just by pulling out its knob.
  • The cabinet is made from G.I sheet powder coated.
  • The inside of the UV cabinet is powder coated with UV & Visible absorbing black finished to increase the contrast & prevent reflection of UV Rays. This is also a safety feature as it prevents glare & reflection of UV radiations into the user’s eyes.
  • This UV cabinet is designed to even allow user with spectacles to be comfortable for continuous long use in sitting & standing position.