Karl Fischer Titrator
Karl Fischer Titrator

Karl Fischer Titrator

When water content is to be found out Karl Fischer Titrator is used for water determination & serves as moisture analyzer.

Coulometric Karl Fischer Titration method is used to carry out moisture estimation in many specific applications.

The Coulometric titration process involves constant current electrolysis using electrolytic control method.

An intermittent electrolysis is employed to get the exact end point. Certain samples such as polymers require the use of oven in which the sample is heated and moisture in vapour form is taken to the titration vessel with a carrier gas.

It is more ideal for the determination of water in wide range of samples ranging from Raw Materials through Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Food Stuffs, Plastics, etc. up to Gaseous Samples.

Standard Features:

  • IMPORTED Burette assembly of various sizes. (5/10/25 ml) with NIST traceability..
  • Storage capability for 50 methods.
  • GLP compliant printouts of results with alphanumeric entries of sample name, batch no., identification no. & date for report authentication.
  • PC Compatibility – Software & built in balance interface.
  • Complies with USP/BP/JP/EP/IP/ASTM norms.
  • Last 10 results are stored & can be printed with all parameter details.