Photo Stability Chamber

Photo Stability Chamber

The current ICH (International Conference for Harmonization) guidelines specify that drug and drug products must be photo-tested to ensure that exposure to light does not cause photo-chemical degradation of the product or packaging.

These chambers are designed to perform near UV and visual light testing with fluorescent lamps per ICH Q1B Guidelines.


  • Photo Stability Chamber manufactured as per ICH guidelines.
  • Temp range 10 to 60 deg Celsius
  • Inner chamber made of SS 304 and outer made of MS powder coated
  • UV light of wavelength 365 nm to give exposure of 200 watt hours,
  • Flourescent light.


  • Inner MOC SS 316 and outer MOC SS 304
  • 21 CFR compliant system
  • Humidity range 40 to 70%