Rotary Shaker

Rotary Shaker

We manufacture and supply Orbital Shakers, Linear Shaker, Refrigerated Water Bath Shaker, Water Bath Incubator Shaker Orbital Incubator Shaker catering to customers’ varied requirements

Other Details:

  • 25 mm orbital action
  • 30 to 220 rpm shaking speed (Optional shaking speed up to 500 RPM)
  • speed variable energy regulator to control shaking speed
  • Digital shaking speed RPM indicator
  • Universal platform to accommodate flask of various capacity



  • SAII-OS-9F (capacity – 250ml x 9Flask / 1000ml x 4Flask)
  • SAII-OS-16F (capacity – 250ml x 16Flask / 1000ml x 9Flask)
  • SAII-OS-25F (capacity – 250ml x 25Flask / 1000ml x 16Flask)
  • SAII-OS-36F (capacity – 250ml x 36Flask / 1000ml x 20Flask)
  • SAII-OS-49F (capacity – 250ml x 49Flask / 1000ml x 25Flask)